Step into a world where reality blurs with imagination, where every corner holds a new adventure, and every moment is a chance to dive into the extraordinary. Welcome to our 360° video booth, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary with scan of a QR code or press of a button.

Brace yourself for an unparalleled experience where you’re not just a spectator, but the protagonist of your own story. With every turn of the 360 booth, you’ll create a video to share across social media.

Get ready to dance, move (no jumping though) and embark on a fun experience for your event, wedding, expo or corporate event – Step on the platform and let the magic unfold!

  • Unlimited Use – Use the 360 Video Booth as much as you like throughout the hire time.

  • Fun booth attendant to ensure your guests have fun!
  • 3 or 4 hour hire
    Longer hire times can be agreed for corporate events or trade shows.
  • Prop Box which includes Glasses, Hats, Wigs and Word boards

  • VIP Ropes and Stanchions

  • Red or Silver Carpet
  • Optional contactless QR Setup and booth activation

  • AI Software Templates within booth

  • Online Gallery on our website (can be password protected upon request)
  • Optional Extras*
    – Branded Platform
    – 43″ Screen showing videos as they are done to attract interaction
    – Branded curved enclosure to go around booth (replaces VIP Ropes and Stanchions)

    *Optional Extras Cost upon request which will be detailed on the estimate sent.

Planning your perfect party? We can help.

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Planning your perfect party? We can help.

01252 91 88 66